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  MADIS Surface Variables

MADIS Surface Variables - GPS-Met


Code       Name                                Units      Max    Notes     Database
                                                       QC Level          FSL    AWIPS
GPSTSD    GPSMET total signal delay            m            0             X       X
GPSDSD    GPSMET dry signal delay              m            0             X       X
GPSWSD    GPSMET wet signal delay              m            0             X       X
GPSMWT    GPSMET mean weighted temperature     K            0             X       X
GPSFE     GPSMET formal error                  m            0             X       X
P         station pressure                     Pa           3    2        X       X
RH        relative humidity                    %            3    1,6      X       X

*The 1-minute ASOS dataset is only available with the FSL database.

Last updated 16 March 2017