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  MADIS RSAS Quality Control

MADIS RSAS Quality Control

This page provides a detailed description of the quality control (QC) processing and data structures for the RSAS dataset.

For a general overview of MADIS quality control, click here.

Automated Quality Control

RSAS Quality Control Checks

Table 1 lists the QC checks applied to the various surface observations in AWIPS.

  LDAD Mesonet           Subhourly   Hourly
  Sea-Level Pressure     IC,VC,TC      SC
  Air Temperature        IC,VC,TC      SC
  Dewpoint Temperature   IC,VC,TC      SC 
  Wind Direction         VC            SC
  Wind Speed             VC,TC         SC
  Relative Humidity      VC,TC
  Station Pressure       IC,VC,TC
  Pressure Change        IC,VC
  Altimeter Setting      VC,TC         SC *
  Visibility             VC
  Accumulated Precip     VC
  SBN Surface            Subhourly   Hourly
  Sea-Level Pressure                IC,VC,TC,SC
  Air Temperature                   IC,VC,TC,SC
  Dewpoint Temperature              IC,VC,TC,SC 
  Wind Direction                    VC,SC
  Wind Speed                        VC,TC,SC
  Altimeter Setting                 VC,TC,SC *

Table 1. Quality control checks implemented in AWIPS 
for surface observations input through the LDAD and SBN
communications networks.  The checks consist of internal
consistency (IC), validity (VC), temporal consistency
(TC), and spatial consistency (SC).  

* As of OB4 the hourly QC applied to Altimeter Setting has
  had the SC added to the list of employed checks for LDAD
  mesonet data, and the VC, TC, and SC have been applied
  to the SBN altimeter data as well.

Last updated 16 March 2017